Cartridge 2 Indalo ROB

$45.00 / 12 months$49.99

For exclusive use with Indalo ROB


  • 1-micron filter
  • Granular carbon activated with Silver, 100% natural and organic coconut shell
  • Powerful disinfectant that kills bacteria and other organisms
    that live in the water
  • Retains heavy metals, chlorine, and other highly carcinogenic by-products (such as pesticides, herbicides, fats, oils, detergents, toxins, compounds that produce color, compounds resulting from the decomposition of vegetables or algae, and animal metabolism)
Weight 1.4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 4 × 4 in
Combinación de Filtros

Cartridge 1 + Cartridge 2 + Cartridge 3, Cartridge 2, Cartridge 2 + Cartridge 3

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Indalo ROB and Indalo BLUE are exclusive water systems designed by Indalo LLC. When purchasing replacement cartridges, we will verify that you and your equipment are properly registered with Indalo LLC. We do NOT sell replacement cartridges to individuals not registered with Indalo LLC.


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