Indalo-3 wash and clean with ozone
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Washing and cleaning without using detergents or irritating chemicals

Discover the absolute power of Ozone!

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IndalO-3 is an innovative and ecological system to wash & clean with the power of ozone. Stop using detergents for your clothes and irritating chemicals for cleaning your home

Designed to work with any brand of washing machine. IndalO-3 will save you money on electricity, water, and cleaning products

Use the disinfectant power of Ozone to turn water into an effective cleaning agent capable of eliminating bacteria, germs, coronavirus, and other water-born agents. The IndalO-3 washes and cleans with Ozone using the same cleaning technology used by laundries in renowned hotel chains, like Hilton® and Marriot®, as well as clinics and hospitals

Neutralize the CORONAVIRUS

No allergens
Preserves colors on your clothes
Saves money
No more detergents or cleaners
Kills bacteria
Reduces water hardness


  • The power of Ozone turns cold water into a powerful cleaning agent
  • True clean scent, no irritating chemicals
  • 100% natural technology
  • Ideal for children and people with delicate or allergic skin
  • It disinfects and eliminates odors and stains
  • Easy to install, no maintenance
  • Works with all brands of washing machines


  • Washing and cleaning without detergents
  • Preserves colors
  • Eliminates bacteria
  • Washes with cold water
  • Reduces water hardness
  • Saves you money
  • Chemical-free
  • Allergen-free
  • Eco-friendly
Easy to install

Easy to install

IndalO-3 is connected to the washing machine using existing standard-size hoses. No need for modifications, no additional plumbing.

LED bar

LED bar

IndalO-3 has a modern control panel that informs you about the functioning of the equipment, its ozone level, etc.

3-year warranty

3-year warranty

IndalO-3 is supported by Indalo® LLC  
indalo-3 wash and clean with ozone - logo

Unleash the power of Ozone in your home!

$ 2495.00

Or in four payments of $623.75

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