Purificador de aire o3uv indalo

Indalo O3UV Air Purifier

Cleans the air inside your home or office, making the environment safer and healthier

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Unique Design with ultraviolet light and an ozone generator!

Advanced technology that ensures air purification in closed spaces, preserving the health and well-being of your family

The Indalo O3UV Air Purifier is high-tech equipment that works by filtrating air through 4 stages, trapping and eliminating dust, ashes, fungi, particles, and foul smells.

Recommended for:

  • Homes, offices, clinics, restaurants, etc
  • Ideal for people with asthma or respiratory problems
  • Protects against viruses and bacteria




  • The indoor Ozone generator automatically disinfects rooms, surfaces, furniture, curtains, and carpets among other parts of the room
  • Reduces the effects of “passive smoking” by removing smoke and particles from tobacco in the environment
  • Increases oxygen levels in closed areas
  • Reduces allergies and their symptoms by eliminating pollen and dust
  • Reduces the causes of asthma and respiratory issues by eliminating gases like formaldehyde
  • Removes components of environmental pollution coming from the outside
  • It helps keep your metabolism stable and healthy


  • Modern, elegant, and minimalist design
  • LED panel for function control
  • Remote control for comfort
  • Safe for children, plants, and pets
  • Low electric consumption
  • Wide spectrum UV light sterilizer
  • Ozone generator (active oxygen)
  • 4-stage filtration
    • Front filter net with antibacterial material
    • Formaldehyde filter
    • Active carbon
    • HEPA filter


Air Purifier Indalo O3UV is installed effortlessly, in the place that you consider appropriate within your home, office or business.

All you need is a nearby electrical outlet and place it on the ground where air can flow through the equipment.

Function panel and remote control

Function panel and remote control

Its operation can be adjusted manually using a LED panel placed at the top. Its operation is intuitive and visual, facilitating the use of the equipment.

For convenience, Air Purifier Indalo O3UV includes a remote control, for the selection of different remote operations.



Air Purifier Indalo O3UV requires minimum maintenance, basically cleaning it with a wet cloth on the outside. The filters are long-lasting, and their lifespan will depend on the amount of dust or contaminants that exist at the installation site.

The spare parts are guaranteed, as well as the Indalo Technical Support.

Now is the ideal time to have the best air in your home.

$ 1995.00

Or in four payments of $498.75

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