Filtered water throughout the house.

The Indalo CENTRAL connects the mains water system and the water inlet of your home. An innovative system that filters and softens the water without using brine.

Low maintenance. Lifetime warranty*

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  • Pre-filter
  • Automatic valve
  • KDF: Reduces iron, hydrogen sulfide, lead, and heavy metals like mercury, nickel, and chrome
  • Activated coconut shell charcoal
  • Reduce chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, and industrial solvents
  • Filter basket
  • Quartz sand
  • Corrosion-free
  • Lead-free brass valve
  • Automatic washing system

*Lifetime warranty only applies if the equipment maintenance is carried out by Indalo LLC

  • Filtered water for the whole house
  • Powerful filtration for up to 5 years
  • Clean water
  • Free of contaminants
  • No turbidity
  • No bad smells or flavors
  • Reduces pollutants such as chlorine, lime, heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, and other elements harmful to your health
  • New and powerful green technology, leading in the water treatment industry
  • Improves your family’s health
  • Avoids obstructions in the pipes
  • Saves money
Weight 150 lbs
Dimensions 66 × 50 × 50 in




  • Minimal maintenance. Lifetime warranty
  • The Indalo SC-VALVE is programmed according to the quality of your water. It controls and manages the automatic flushing of the system.
  • It does not need supervision
  • Manufactured with anticorrosive and highly durable materials



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