Air Purifier O3UV


Introducing a new way to preserve your health and well-being.

The Indalo O3UV Air Purifier is a piece of high-tech equipment that works by filtrating air through 4 stages, trapping and eliminating dust, ashes, fungi, particles, and foul odors.

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  • Modern, elegant, and minimalist design
  • Led panel to control functions
  • Remote control for your convenience
  • Safe for plants and pets
  • Low electricity consumption
  • Sterilizer with broad-spectrum UV light
  • Ozone generator (active oxygen)
  • 4-stage filtration:
    • Front filtration (with antibacterial material)
    • Formaldehyde filtering
    • Active carbon
    • HEPA filter
  • Disinfects environments, surfaces, furniture, curtains, carpets, among others; thanks to its internal ozone generator that is automatically regulated
  • Eliminates bad smells (including cigarette smoke, food & pet odors)
  • Reduces the effects of “passive smoking” by eliminating smoke and tobacco particles from the environment
  • Increases oxygen levels in closed spaces
  • Reduces allergy symptoms by removing pollen and dust
  • Reduces the causes of asthma or respiratory problems by eliminating gases, such as formaldehyde
  • Eliminates environmental pollution, coming from outside
  • Helps maintain a stable and healthy metabolism



Weight 23 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 11 × 30 in






All you need is a nearby electrical outlet and place it on the ground in a place where air can circulate smoothly through the equipment.


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