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The Most Advanced Water Purification System in The World

Take advantage of residential water treatment solutions from Indalo Water. We bring our industry-leading technology and experience right into your home.

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Water treatment solutions for your goals and budget

We offer various water treatment solutions to meet your goals and budget. From reverse osmosis to alkalinization, our drinking water systems meet your where you stand.

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Filtered water solutions that fit your workplace

Whether you need to provide clean, healthy drinking water for one office or multiple locations, Indalo’s drinking water systems are up to the challenge. Safe water customized for how your business operates from $29.99 per month. 

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How safe is your drinking water?

Receive a FREE testing kit and check the quality of the water in your home or business.

Why Indalo Water?

For a brilliantly simple approach that fits all your needs. Indalo Water appreciates the difference— one that flows from the superior design and performance of our products, straight through to our service. Indalo Water brings the best thinking about water treatment, custom fit to your home and business. You can count on our friendly professionals to treat your water and your family right.

Ionize, Mineralize, and Alkalinize with Indalo Water

Alkaline Water – Indalo ROB

Take advantage of residential water treatment solutions from Indalo Water. We bring our industry-leading technology, innovation, and experience right into your home.

Water Treatment Solutions

Not sure where to start? Explore Indalo Water’s complete line of Residential, Commercial, and Industrial water treatment systems. Depending on your goals and budget, we’ll help you determine the best solution for your water purification needs.

For Your Business – Indalo PED

Filtered water solutions that fit your workplace. Safe water customized for how your business operates from $1.00 per dayNo more weight & storage. Stop carrying those 42lbs 5-gallon water bottles!

Better Than Pure Water

There is nothing more important than clean water. At a time when water quality concerns are on the rise, Indalo Water is dedicated to elimintating contaminants from your drinking water. Our system eliminates over 70 contaminants, including chlorine, radioactive isotopes, flouride, lead, chromosone 6, radon, mercury and pesticides.

The states of water: liquid, gas, solid and Indalo Water – the best state of water

Beyond Hydration

You use water for more than just quenching your thirst. You need a drinking water system to protect your family. We can provide you with the best drinking water possible without the plastic bottle waste.

When you filter out the bad, you’re left with the good. 


Our Indalo CENTRAL house water filter system come ready to install, so you don’t need to hassle with an expensive installation process or costly long-term maintenance. The carbon filtration media has a 600,000-gal./5-year capacity and can be easily replaced at a fraction of the cost of the competition.

Indalo Water is more convenient & better for you.

Ionize, Mineralize, and Alkalinize

Improve your health, supercharge your immune system, and fight the aging process with antioxidant-rich alkaline water. The health benefits of drinking alkaline water are numerous and remarkable!

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